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The FOCUS glove is designed for peak performance, the goalkeeper gloves feature a negative cut for a secure and comfortable fit. The latex punch zone provides maximum grip and control when punching the ball while the stretchable fabric backhand allows for flexibility and freedom of movement. With an inject gel logo and removable elastic wristband, these gloves have all the necessary elements for a successful game.


We'd like to highlight a growing trend in the realm of goalkeeping: the emergence of strapless and lightweight gloves, which have garnered significant popularity among our customers.

It's essential to note that these gloves are designed to provide a snug, close-to-the-skin fit. Consequently, they may pose challenges when putting them on or taking them off, particularly when hands are warm and sweaty after use.

We strongly advise exercising extreme caution during the removal process, prioritizing the withdrawal of the hand from the gloves rather than pulling the gloves off forcefully.

To minimize stress on seams and critical areas such as the palm, thumb, and finger gussets, it's important to handle these gloves delicately.

If you have any concerns regarding this style of glove, we recommend exploring alternative models or contacting us for further assistance before making a purchase. Our team is here to address any questions or inquiries you may have to ensure you find the ideal fit for your needs.

At SJSGoalkeeping, we pride ourselves on offering goalkeeper gloves crafted with top-tier latex palms and materials, meticulously sourced and manufactured to ensure unparalleled grip in all playing conditions. It's important to acknowledge that latex, being a soft and natural material, is susceptible to wear and abrasion over time. Consequently, SJSGoalkeeping cannot be held liable for any wear incurred on the glove palms.

Before use: Prior to using your gloves for the first time, we recommend thoroughly rinsing them with clean, cool, or lukewarm water. This step aids in removing any impurities stemming from the latex production or stitching process. For optimal performance, it is advisable to repeat this washing process multiple times.

After use: Following each use, cleanse the gloves with a recommended glove wash or a mild detergent to eliminate any dirt from the palms. Allow the gloves to air dry naturally. Avoid exposing them to warm environments or direct sunlight, as this may result in the latex becoming brittle and potentially compromising its quality.

We strongly advise against drying your gloves using any of the following methods: radiator, hair dryer, airing cupboard, tumble dryer, or direct sunlight.

It's essential to acknowledge that the majority of latex palms will exhibit signs of wear after their initial use. This is a normal occurrence influenced by various factors, including the goalkeeper's age, technique, the playing surface, preparation of the gloves, and adherence to care instructions.

As with all soft latex goalkeeper gloves, diligent care is key to prolonging their lifespan. Wear to the foams typically arises from ground contact during play, but even routine actions such as pulling up socks or wearing the gloves can contribute to wear, particularly given the prevalent use of coarse Velcro closures in many glove designs.

Should your latex exhibit signs of wear, rest assured that this is a natural aspect of the material's performance. Latex, being a soft and natural substance, is engineered to provide the essential grip required by goalkeepers.

Regarding playing surface considerations: It's important to note that goalkeeper gloves are primarily engineered for use on soft natural surfaces like grass, unless explicitly stated otherwise in the product description (e.g., featuring a specialist 3G/astro turf palm). Utilizing goalkeeper gloves on artificial surfaces such as 3G or astro turf subjects them to heightened stress, thereby making stitching failure and latex wear more noticeable compared to grass surfaces.

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